Reconnecting to Nature Through Art and Design


Creating and interacting with art that reflects the natural world can strengthen our relationship to nature and inspire us to take action. WIRRED recognizes environmental education through art and design as a form of experiential learning that aims to develop understanding, care, and responsibility for our planet.

Through the use of various art forms, WIRRED is creating a space to observe and facilitate conversation around nature, design, science, and technology while honoring the traditions of the space we inhabit.


  • Engaging and encouraging our community through art and creation
  • Empowering developing identities as positive environmental changemakers
  • Promoting conservation and regeneration of our natural environment


Over the past months, WIRRED has invited Barbados community members, corporate teams, youth and activist groups, and other various stakeholders to create art on tree-shaped templates that expresses their feelings for our island nation.
At the end of Art For Trees, we are planning an installation for folks across Barbados.
View the Art For Trees Gallery on Instagram to see how our community is rising up for Barbados through artistic expression!




The Walkers Reserve landscape is extremely complex, with over 300 acres of land rising majestically from the northeastern shore of Barbados. Sand dunes, sandstone cliffs, forest, clay hills, ponds, wetlands, and so much more fill this vibrant ecosystem. 

From 1968 to 2009, this land was known as Walkers Quarry. It was essential to national growth for its unique geological silica sand resource. Nearly every building in Barbados is constructed, in part, from Walkers Quarry sand. Despite the massive outputs necessary to build a nation, Walkers Quarry managed to steward and protect one of the largest native beachside forests on the island.

WIRRED is transitioning and transforming Walkers Quarry into Walkers Reserve right before our eyes. Through the hard work and knowledge of local and international experts coupled with the goodwill of the community and stakeholders, this area that was once mined to build Barbados is now being sculpted, planted, and regenerated to increase biodiversity and co-create self sustaining ecosystems.

WIRRED is dedicated to inspiring and teaching other extraction-oriented businesses around the world how to develop regenerative post-extraction models that benefit local communities and the environment by restoring such areas back to ecological health in a similar fashion to the pioneering work of Walkers Quarry.



  • Return extracted areas to ecological health
  • Mitigate negative environmental impacts created by extraction practices
  • Provide habitat to threatened, endangered, and endemic species
  • Conserve and restore the last remaining dune system of its size in Barbados
  • Create a gene bank for the island of Barbados of rare and useful plants


  • Cultivate mixed-use regenerative agriculture and forestry on site providing food, fibre, medicine, and livelihood
  • Inspire ecological and agricultural tourism for the National Park system, Scotland District and Barbados
  • Shape meaningful livelihood opportunities for St. Andrew and neighbouring parish residents
  • Support farmers, organizations and individuals with permaculture training and skills


  • Prove regenerative economic models are viable alternatives as post-extraction
  • Engage meaningful education and research with local and international institutions
  • Stabilize the climate through reforestation and regenerative land use
  • Inspire others in similar industry toward truly regenerative restoration goals


The key regenerative practices we are using include composting, protecting and maintaining healthy watersheds, increasing biodiversity and building wildlife habitats, establishing mycorrhizal networks, bio engineering, slope stabilization, windbreaks, synthropy and holistic animal management.
We are restoring this land through a range of regenerative agriculture techniques including permaculture, a design science that seeks inspiration from nature to create ecosystems that are simultaneously resilient, beautiful, and productive.
Permaculture encompasses principles from regenerative agriculture, organic farming, holistic land management, integrated water resource management, sustainable architecture, and sustainable community building.




The idea to transform Walker’s Quarry into Walker’s Reserve has roots that go back to 2011 when the initial idea was created and several international permaculture consultants were approached to create a design.
This broad-scale design has been the basis for our design approach, which has been adapted and developed to further suit the environment as we learn what works best on-the-ground.
The Regeneration Program launched in 2014 with various test plots in different areas of the quarry to see which plants and patterns suited the extremely arid environment and poor soil conditions.
WIRRED staff have used the data gathered during that 2-year testing period to fine-tune our approach over the years following, and have since planted thousands of fruit trees and grasses each year with very high survivability.
The Walkers site is fully organic, meaning zero synthetic pesticides or herbicides are used in its management.
Walker’s Quarry is transforming into Walker’s Reserve right before our eyes.
Working directly with local farmers, pickers, and community members, this burgeoning ecosystem rejuvenates Bajan food security, food culture, and agro-ecological diversity by knitting the surrounding landscape and social systems together.




The One Tree for Every Bajan Program offers Bajan’s an opportunity to help improve their environment, build habitat, increase biodiversity, sequester carbon and build climate resilience.

By partnering with One Tree for Every Bajan, you show your support for the many people in your community working to build a better tomorrow.

Through the One Tree for Every Bajan program, launched in January 2019, we’ve made a commitment to engage communities to co-create a better future for people and the planet.


Through the One Tree for Every Bajan program, launched in January 2019, we have made a commitment to engage a diverse set of communities to co-create a better future for Barbados and its people. Our goals are to:
  • Build habitat, increase biodiversity, sequester carbon and build climate resilience,
  • Promote a culture of environmentally conscious volunteerism,
  • Create a movement of environmental stewardship in Barbados (inclusive of vulnerable groups),
  • Effectively leverage partnerships toward the long-term goal of planting One Tree for Every Bajan, and
  • Do our part in working towards the Government of Barbados’s 2030 net zero climate mitigation target goal of planting 1 million trees starting 2020.
Understanding that environmental stewardship is everyone’s concern and encouraged by the resounding response to the call to action, we’re expanding the program to include public and community spaces all over Barbados.
In identifying locations outside of Walkers Reserve we will be looking for three (3) enabling factors:
  • 1) irrigation (water — lots of it!),
  • 2) protection from animals and other threats, and
  • 3) periodic supervision to ensure that our plants get the care they need.
We’re not only working towards building awareness for trees and the vital role they play in our future, but making every attempt to ensure that our trees thrive. We’re excited for you to be a part of this movement.



on the One Tree for Every Bajan App (coming soon)


for the One Tree for Every Bajan App (coming soon)


@onetreeonebajan on Instagram and share your tree planting story. Tag us and we’ll share your story with the world! #1tree1bajan


with [email protected] to see how you can make an impact


Are you already planting trees? Do you have plans to plant trees? You can join the movement by tagging and using our hashtags and in turn, we can promote you as a One Tree Hero on our media platforms. Tell us how many trees you have planted, and we can add it to our goal of 285,000 trees and the national goal of 1 million. Every tree counts!

Planting One Tree for Every Bajan — 285,000 Trees — is no small feat. We need to get everyone on board in creating a movement where Bajans and all who visit our island’s shores are excited and enthusiastic to plant trees and build a better Barbados for all.


Learn more about the movement through our downloadable brochures.


The project started with catalyzing corporate social responsibility, academic, and community resources to join WIRRED in the much-needed work of restoring the fragile dune ecosystem of Walkers Beach, the largest nesting site for the giant, endangered Leatherback Turtle on the East Coast, St. Andrew.
In the first phase of the Walkers Beach Dune Restoration Project we collaborated with Bellairs Research Institute of McGill University, Barbados Sea Turtle Project, National Conservation Commission, Waste 0, Coastal Zone Management Unit, UNDP, Slow Fish Barbados, and the Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute (CPRI) to develop a sound scientific methodology for restoration.
Through the collective effort of WIRRED and our project partners, including the public, we intend to plant the indigenous trees which have specific adaptations to the beach environment and are needed to restore the fragile dune ecosystem of Walkers Beach.
Understanding the vital role of trees as carbon sequesters, habitat builders, and biodiversity conservers, we intend to systematically expand the One Tree project to include public and community spaces all over Barbados.
We are constantly reevaluating our planting patterns and looking for new innovative ways to keep our trees protected and alive.
Remember, as we scale to community spaces we will look for those three (3) critical enabling factors:
  • 1) irrigation (water - lots of it!),
  • 2) protection from animals and other threats and
  • 3) periodic supervision to ensure that our plants get the care they need.

WIRRED LIVE Living Room Sessions

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We invite you to participate in our newest program, WIRRED’s LIVE Living Room Sessions. These sessions were initially designed in response to the challenging and highly volatile COVID-19 landscape. The format of the program allowed us to pivot but remain focused and flexible in meeting our education mandate.

In collaboration with our education partner, the Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute (CPRI) Barbados and powered by the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB), WIRRED hosted “LIVE Living Room Sessions” on StreamYard via our respective Facebook and YouTube platforms. These 1-hour interactive sessions were free of charge to participants and are currently available for viewing on WIRRED’s YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

Episodes centered around the topics of Regenerative Agriculture, Climate Change, Mitigation, Resilience Building, Biodiversity, and Renewable Energy.


WIRRED’s LIVE Living Room Sessions will continue to be a platform for local and international thought leaders, as well as, the voice of the community. Our goal is to introduce regenerative concepts as they apply to a variety of stakeholders, facilitate dialogue, and increase awareness towards regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, building climate resilience, and so much more.

Come help us celebrate this space as we continue to bring Special Edition episodes of WIRRED’s LIVE Living Room Sessions in the coming months.