This creative installation at Walkers Reserve was designed by Annalee Davis in collaboration with Kevin Talma and the Walkers Institute for Regenerative Research Education and Design (WIRRED).

Excerpt from the Artist, Annalee Davis:

“This plot highlights the revolutionary and subversive history of plants, acknowledging them as agents of restoration and reparation while insisting on the need for us to remember valuable systems of knowledge that are being erased or forgotten. This living apothecary is intended as a sacred space of healing, regeneration, and contemplation, honouring the traditions of bush medicine and recognising this site as hallowed ground. The plants in the garden have been designed with a focus on well-being for women’s reproductive and post-reproductive health and are also available as a natural first aid kit.”

The Garden of Hope is one of the first installations as part of the eARTh program at Walkers Reserve. There is no earth without ART and as WIRRED continues to steward the regeneration of the Reserve from a sand quarry into a space for connection, we hold space for artistic and cultural expression.