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Regeneration and Climate Resilience Projects

Regeneration and Climate Resilience

Climate change has been described by world leaders as the greatest challenge of our time. Barbados, along with other Small Island Developing States (SIDS), is particularly vulnerable to its impact.

Climate resilience involves successfully coping with and managing the impact of climate change, while preventing its effects from growing worse. Regeneration is key in developing climate resilience and requires using resources to improve society’s well being by building the capacity of support systems needed for future growth.

We are committed to supporting a climate-resilient planet through projects that foster environmental stewardship, the economic wellbeing of communities, and increased biodiversity. Learn more about our projects below.


Walkers Reserve Apiary Programme (WRAP)

  • Our apiary holds a growing bee population that serves as pollinators and producers of honey and other valuable products.
  • Our professional beekeepers are on hand to educate and guide visitors through the beekeeping experience and other related events.
  • One Tree for Every Bajan

  • We are working with partners and communities to plant 285,000 trees across Barbados to improve the environment, grow food and build climate resilience.
  • This is our contribution to the Government of Barbados’s 2030 net zero climate mitigation target of planting 1 million trees..
  • Habitat Restoration

  • Walkers Sand Quarry has been transformed into Walkers Reserve through a series of regenerative activities aimed at restoring its environmental state.
  • Walkers is a living laboratory and model for regeneration that is being systematically sculpted, planted and renewed following years of testing and data gathering.
  • Regenerative Science

  • We design solutions to complement or mimic natural ecosystem processes that integrate the needs of our community with the integrity of nature.
  • Our designs combine systems thinking, applied permaculture design principles, and community development processes.
  • Nature Based Solutions

  • Organic, nature-inspired permaculture practice is at the heart of our regeneration efforts to manage waste, water, energy, plant and animal life at Walkers Reserve..